Xiangshan County is located in the southern edge of Yangtze River Delta & the east coast of hedging Province. It is situated between Xiangshan Harbor & Sanmen Bay, surrounded by the sea on there sides & embraced by two ports.

Fishing is the leading industry in Xiangshan, alongside the film & television industry.

1,382 km² or 341,506 acres land area with 549,000 population

Subtropical monsoon climate zone provides long summers and warm winters in Xiangshan with frost-free season for 248 days annually. Average with dew point of 23°C (73°F) in summer and 8°C (46°F) in winter(based on Rh 80%). Average rain for 1400mm (55in) annually. Wind Direction: April to October South East; November to March North West. Elevation for the studio is less than 5m (16ft) with less than 3°slope.


The mission of Xiangshan Global Studios is to provide each of our clients with exceptional service and unsurpassed production facilities; to embrace new technologies and anticipate changing production needs; and to provide a friendly, attractive environment which brings together the best creative talent. Our success is based on a spirit of teamwork among people who value each other, the work they do, and the clients they serve.


Xiangshan Global Studios is committed to creating positive change within our Xiangshan community by reaching out in the local area yearly though our community programs that we offer on the studio lot.


Xiangshan Global Studios is commitment to sustainability and green studio business practices. Today, our efforts include energy efficiency programs, renewable energy investments, green building projects, green production practices, waste reduction efforts and more. Through strong leadership, continual innovation and company-wide participation, our goal is to further integrate sustainability into all aspects of our business for greater operational efficiency, cost savings and a healthier environment for our employees and community. We also recognize that more can be done; that’s why we continually strive to improve our environmental performance.


Bring your passion and expertise to Xiangshan Global Studios and choose from a host of exciting and rewarding multi-discipline career opportunities. Just so you know, Xiangshan Global Studios does not employ anyone directly in film or television production. Productions that use our facilities tend to employ their own staff. Xiangshan Global Studios takes your privacy seriously and any personal data you provide to us in relation to your application will be processed and stored in accordance with our Candidate Privacy Policy.

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